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The Cutest Bar Mitzvah Favors on the Internet!

You've found the unique, versatile Jewish party favor, ideal for your Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Holidays and celebrations of all types.

Mitzvah Favors

Bar Mitzvah Favors

Shop for our exclusive, adorable party-favors, only available at CandyTorahs.

Place Cards

Bar Mitzvah Place Cards

Find the Perfect Bar Mitzvah Place Cards, distinctive AND Jewish!

People LOVE our Bar Mitzvah Favors!

They arrived and are wonderful!!! My daughter squealed with delight!! Thank you!!!
  Rashell S. of Phoenix, AZ

They are just wonderful! Thank you for the stellar service and product.
  Lori S. of Waterford, CT

The candy torahs were a big hit — we displayed them in a basket with the treats on their own table during the kiddush. I haven't received the date, but I''l have a bat mitzvah in 2 1/2 years...
  Jackie M. of Trumbull, CT

My 7 year old twin daughters are already telling me they want CandyTorahs at their bat mitzvah. Thank u for helping us make this day such a memorable and joyous celebration!!
  Jan H. of Orangevale, CA

Thanks. Many of our guests asked about the torahs, so maybe you will get some new customers.
  Elana E. of New York, NY

The Bar Mitzvah was perfect and we enjoyed every minute of it! Everyone loved the candy torahs!! Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy new year!
  Esther M. of New York, NY

I got a lot of compliments about the candy Torahs! I'm going to send an email out to all my Jewish friends that they should order from you for any events. You're so wonderful to work with. Thank you so much.
  Debbi G. of Goldriver, CA

Folks (esp my mom) loved the candy Torahs. The last of our house guests has left, so now we're ready to collapse...
  Howard M of Burke, VA

The torah's were a big hit. People actually took theirs home so that they can go and order them.
  Fay Z. of Calverton, NY

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Top 5 Reasons to Shop with CandyTorahs for Bat Mitzvah and Bar Mitzvah Favors and Place Cards

1. Mitzvah Favors different from the rest!

Unique - an often-misused word. Our Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah favors are one-of-a-kind. Others say they've got unique party favors, but have you noticed they're always the same mint tins, candy bars, boxes, gift tags, yadda yadda? CandyTorahs ARE unique! You won't find our Bar Mitzvah favors or Bar Mitzvah place cards anywhere else. PLUS we personalize all our party favors and place cards for a perfect fit.

2. Quality and Value in Bar Mitzvah Favors and Place Cards

Your party favors reflect on you, your taste, values and attention to detail. CandyTorahs will make you look good — VERY good! Your personalized party favors will catch everyone's eye. Bright, heavy paper, vibrant colors, delicious candies, hand-rolled, then packed in water-tight Zip-loc® bags. Quality through and through. Bar Mitzvah favors have never been so special and distinctive.

3. Outstanding Customer Service

When you shop with us, you'll get prompt service and excellent communication. Our service is so good you'll wonder what decade it is. Our customers have high standards, and we meet or exceed them every day. Up and down the East Coast, from Atlanta to Phoenix, to LA and almost everywhere in-between, we've delivered and delighted again and again with our Bar Mitzvah party favors or Bat Mitzvah place cards. Please take a moment to read our customer testimonials.

4. A Touch of Tradition in innovative Mitzvah Favors

CandyTorahs party favors help connect your event to our rich and revered past. If you're kvelling over a shayna madel or boychick, or serving some knishes, blintzes or kugel, CandyTorahs are the perfect accent to the atmosphere you're creating. It's so easy to add a touch of tradition to your Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, fundraiser, annual meeting, gala or any event.

5. Unnecessary Guarantees

If you're unhappy with your personalized CandyTorah favors for any reason we'll fix them or take them back, your choice. No matter how big the order. And if you want a full refund, you'll get one promptly. You'll never find us in Ripoff Report!

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